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(G-Core) Guardian Universe X: Tiger Force Team 3 $1.50
Publisher: Dilly Green Bean Games
by Katrina H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/10/2018 12:05:26

Guardian Universe X: Tiger Force Team 3 is the most recent addition to Jay Libby's expansive Guardian Universe setting. It is designed for use with G-Core, a great game on it's own, but can easily be translated to other super-hero style games.

Tiger Force Team 3 has a definite Iron Age Feel. It is, as the name says, the third in a series of group working of a powerful organization. They are coimprised of some flesh-and blood heroes along with some potent robotic agents. The artificial units are designed to support the non-robotic members and when acting in concert can make a formidable opponent for villains and heroes alike.

I like this product for it's overall 'feel' and Jay's interesting take on the robotic teammates. I like the the best of all the characters protrayed here.

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(G-Core) Guardian Universe X: Tiger Force Team 3
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