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The Things We Leave Behind $14.95
Publisher: Stygian Fox
by Andrew G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/07/2018 16:30:26

A brilliant colelction of unnerving CoC scenarios. I just ran Forget Me Not after being inspired by the How We Roll podcast. First time I've run anything other than D&D and it was an outstanding success. Everyone had a great time and it was probably my single most satisfying GM'ing experience. The coherence and impact of the story are admirable and the atmosphere created really inspires deep role playing. Brilliant stuff. Only improvement would be to structure the information a bit better inside the text so you dont have to scan through paragraphs to find the germane information inside the narrative. Maybe some kind of schematic way of showing the speciifc details on how to run each scene would be good, like a little flow chart or something. Otherwise impeccable.

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The Things We Leave Behind
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