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The Things We Leave Behind $14.95
Publisher: Stygian Fox
by Michael F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/03/2017 13:10:40

I'll just start off by throwing right out there why I gave this a three star: print quality. I'm new to Drive Thru RPG, and I acknowledge that there are some ins and outs in understanding how this works. I feel like I got burned on my first go. I now understand that there is a difference between standard quality printing and other varieties like "standard heavyweight" and that I now need to look for that when I order physical copies from this site, since that is important to me.

I purchased this at the hardcover sale 29.99 price point around Halloween 2017. It has now returned to the standard price of 39.99. I understand that smaller publishers have higher costs, but the hardcover version of this is simply not worth that price. I'm not even sure it is worth the 29.99 price I paid, but I don't have the desire to go through the effort of a return for content that I like. The print quality and paper of the printing is not worth that price point, in my opinion. When you pay considerably more for print copies, you expect it to be something better than what this is. The binding is great and maybe that is where the cost is? A glossy, full-color hardback. Great. The paper just doesn't match this same level of quality. It is a hair above photocopy paper on a basic photocopier. I feel there was just a major compromise made that will make me think twice about not doing investigation into print quality before I order on here again. I understand that it is cheaper to print things in bulk in China. I simply would not have invested in a hardcover had I understood the quality ahead of time.

The module itself is very good for a newly started company. Even if you were not to run these scenarios as is, there is plenty of great mineable material for crafting your own games and scenarios from the bits and pieces. They all have compelling premises. The content is challenging from an ethical standpoint, which I think the Intro does a good job of addressing respectfully up front. Yet, some of the interior content choices then break this respect. (Indian Burial Ground? Really? Published 2016. Come on.) The style of the writing of several of the adventures comes from a clearly inexperienced pen (repetition of phrasing and sentences starters being most common) , but the real meat of this is the ideas, and the ideas are strong. The ideas can be, with some working, be dropped into any era, but especially easily into 1920s. So, don't let the Modern tag scare you away, unless you are a "run the adventure as is" style of Keeper and want to do 1920s. The very excellent first scenario will not work if just grafted into the 1920s. Technology plays a big role. The scenarios get shorter and shorter as you go through the book, but I think it is worth noting that the word count per page is very high. An adventure of 12 pages is not a typical twelve pages of huge font size and watered down. It's 12 pages of depth.

My only other criticism of the content is the art. Many of the portraits are subpar and look like they are drawn with some weird mismash of hand-drawing and computer graphics. Proportions of many of the faces just don't make sense and look odd. But ideas are more important to me than art for a module of this nature.

In conclusion, I highly recommend that any Call of Cthulhu player or Keeper pick up this product as a PDF, even if you do not normally run Modern. I cannot recommend the print versions of this for the price. You may feel differently from me.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Hi Michael,
I'm sorry you found the paper quality a letdown, I'd have to disagree with you regarding it being a little above 'photocopy level quality'. That said, this book was produced when there was only one choice of a hardback. Since then, DriveThru has brought in Premium Heavyweight paper which is a marked improvement (a lot of complaining by publishers has paid off!)

Since this book, we now make a PDF, softcover in standard paper, and a hardcover in Heavyweight. All our books are also now colour with the exception of TTWLB. I anticipate a future edition will be in colour. You're right about the cost, the colour heavyweight version costs a small fortune as they printed one at a time and on demand in the US, UK, and (IIRC) Australia. They don't come from China. For example, a premium colour version of TTWLB would cost £18. With authors, artists, and an editor to pay, this leaves little for me and the company. I wish it were different but you go with what you can.

Thanks for the feedback on the scenarios, I'll keep it in mind when our other books are being created.

In terms of art, I enjoyed Davide's interpretations but as we've moved into colour we've gone in a different artistic direction.

I'm really glad you found the book had depth and can use the scenarios to create new scenarios if the scenarios as-is prove unsuitable. I hope you'll keep an eye out for our other titles and consider buying our books in the future.

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The Things We Leave Behind
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