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Delving Deeper Ref Rules v1 [BUNDLE] $0.00
Publisher: Immersive Ink
by Dustin R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/24/2012 11:29:44

Delving Deeper, into the chaos of the past where you trusted more on other players because of certain abilities they had and not just yourself and "powers". This is truly the Retro Original, where THAC0 ruled and 4E D&D powers drooled.

Though i give this 5/5 Stars, this makes me wonder, can the original adventures made for 1E D&D be used as they are in complete compatibility. It also makes me wonder if, because of THAC0, is 2E D&D adventures compatible as well? Sadly You & I shall not know until Immersive Ink says otherwise. However, whether or not they are compatible is one of the many things i can live without knowing...

Continue this glorious Retro version Immersive Ink, bring back the true reason why it came to be known as "Role-Playing Games" as opposed to what has now been labeled as "Roll-Playing Games".

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Delving Deeper Ref Rules v1 [BUNDLE]
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