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The Lucanii Drift $7.99
Publisher: Kitsune Press
by Andy B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/15/2017 18:02:07

I really cant say much that will add to what Jay W covered. He did a good job. I bought it at full price and thought it was worth every penny. I can only hope they make some more 'Starships & Spacemen' game supplements.

I would state that the general theme of the story was the original Star Trek and perhaps some influences from the television cartoon series. Ive been in the mood for a good retro sci-fi and I think this would work perfectly. They add some nice racial options. Always appreciated. They added some nice space opera sock'em rules. Then the detailed mapping of a huge sector of space. I liked all the tiny changes they made to the system and the reasons they made them. Everything only enhanced the game as a genre.

As I said before I hope they give us more material. Right off the top of my head, a Space 1999 scenario on a moon flung from its planetary orbit but have it happen in your world. You could even set it as a hundred years or so in the past. This is how the Confederation came into being. From this one acident flinging a dying moon into a warp trajectory into alien space. (Got to have a new humanoid species which can shapechange into other animal shapes.) Until with heroic effort they find their way back and form relations with the races now available. Imagine the tweaks you can make to social standings by the outcomes of such an epic journey. Only by using pieces of ancient alien hypertech can they accomplish any kind of reunion and it will take years, maybe even a decade.

You can have that one for free. (Call me.)

[5 of 5 Stars!]